Saturday, May 18, 2013


Dear All

Here, I would I like to share another real experience in dealing with serious diarrhea (water stool). Diarrhea that is not caused by food poisoning but somehow without unknown reason, water stool just could not stop and keeps coming out....

As usual, I had taken prescription medication that had been prescribed by my doctor (that are also available from pharmacies) and all sort of diarrhea medications, from pharmacies and even of  traditional but all did not work and stop my diarrhea. My stomach kept on rumbling, bloating with gas and my diarrhea / water stool kept on wanting to flow out.....what a hell of life.

Desperate, I took the chance of the knowledge learned about fruits that could stop diarrhea into practice. I started with mango (must be fresh ripe mango, eaten with some Himalaya salt)....and diarrhea started to become under control in no time.  I had this for a few days then I stop...and I could feel, my diarrhea is not fully cured yet, it seems like it is coming, I tried with another fruit, pineapple (fresh pineapple, eaten with some Himalaya salt) and again, diarrhea started to behave and under control.

As I have also lost a lot of minerals / electrolytes during my course of diarrhea, I drank fresh guava juice (though it can be eaten raw but not the seeds, fresh guava is kind of hard and not so good for weak stomach / digestion for people with diarrhea case). Guava also is another fruit that could stop diarrhea.

I have been like a week plus now since I was on mango, pineapples and guava juice (mostly on mango), my situation is stomach is slowly making its progress and healing and I hope, my diarrhea would completely stop by the time I stop taking these fruits....though it is good for have these fruit as part of my daily diet because they are rich with vitamins, minerals and pythonutrients.

Just one mango or half of medium size pineapple a day and 1 - 2 glasses of guava juice per day would keep your diarrhea away.  Try will be amazed !!!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Magnetic Aura Therapy Soap 

Is a therapy soap for which is beneficial for:  

- regeneration of dead cells, 
- to treat skin problem (whiteheads, pimples, oily skin, aging, dryness & etc), 
- muscle sore, stressful & tired body, 
- dispel "wind" from body, strengthen nerves, 
- increased stamina and 
- it has the effects to whiten skin too.

This soap is made from piper or betel leave extract (ekstrak daun sireh), plant based collagen, magnetic aura formula from UK and other mixed herbs. Safe, halal and non toxin and has been approved by the Ministry of Health of Malaysia and Islamic Consumer Association of Malaysia (PPIM)

Try it and feel it for yourself. For more information click :