Friday, August 31, 2012

Delicious "Sambal Petai" Dish (Stinky Bean)

Recently, I have been not so well with stomach upset and my younger sister, Sara, in her own way to motivate me to get well soon, sent a photo of her home-cooked "Sambal Petai"....Oh gosh, it is one of my all time favourite dishes.  Petai as commonly known by Malaysians or Pakia Speciosa / bitter bean / stink bean / twisted cluster bean to westerners, is a popular bean in South East Asia. It is so versatile that it can be cooked in a variety of ways, even eating raw, pickled or boiled. 

Many people have issues with Petai as well, as they smell stink....but to Petai lovers, it is exotically and appetizingly fragrant.  One of the effective ways to take away / reduce Petai smell is to have brinjal dish to eat along...or place a brinjal in your toilet which the brinjals must be cut into half then cut into cross section in centre. The brinjal shall effectively absorb the Petail stinky smell and help you control the "smell pollution" hahaha.

According to traditional knowledge and scientific research, Petai is beneficial as natural laxative for those with constipation, regulate glucose level of diabetes patients, boost energy level (hence rather heaty), relaxant and improve mood, contains iron and good for anemia, high in potassium and low in salt which is good for high blood pressure and stroke and natural antacid for heartburn.

Don't be turned off by the Petai stinky smell...try it and I have known several foreigner friends that were initially cursing the smell...had fallen in love with Petai very much.

Younger sis, Sara's home-cooked Sambal Petai with Chicken and Chilli

Naturally, how petai look like in its "case" on petai tree

Petai, seeds after taken out from its "case"

Brinjals, effective natural vegetable to counter Petai's stinky smell


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Great Ways With Greath Healthy Smoothies

Here is an idea from an affliate, Sunfood. Make your healthy smoothies with great natural goodness from Acai Powder, Goji Powder, Maqui Powder, Cacao Powder, Spanish Bee Pollen and Chlorella Tablet. Hmmm, though I am not sure how Chlorella tablet's smoothie would taste like....I wonder....hahaha. Since Sunfood is having some offers, why not try them?  Click on Acai Powder banner at top right of my blog for Sunfood online store.

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Siput Gonggong ( Dog Conch Snail )

Oh dear....I was browsing through web today and I came across, a very very long missed favourite seafood of mine, i.e. Siput Gonggong (or Long Long by Malaysian Chinese) or Dog Conch / Laevistronbus Canarium to westerners.

Siput Gonggong are sea snails and they taste delicious and tender. The simplest way to enjoy Siput Gonggong is by boiling them in water for a few minutes (best is 15 minutes) then lift up, use a tooth pick to pick the flesh out and dip into some hot sour chilly / cayenne souce...mmmmmm! If you want a more savoury taste, "Siput Gonggong Masak Lemak Chili Padi" or dog conch snails cooked with coconut cream and hot cayenne / chilli. That would really open up your appetite and make you crave for more...

So have you tried Siput Gonggong? If not, give it a try when you are in Malaysia....

Boiled Siput Gonggong

Siput Gonggong Masak Lemak Chili Padi / Coconut Cream and Cayenne Dog Conch Snails

More Photos from Tioman Island Resort Vacation

Here are more photos to share from my vacation trip at Tioman Island Resort, Pahang, Malaysia. Enjoy....

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lavender Bistro At Senai International Airport, Johor, Malaysia

Sometimes, I could look very square and in the following photos. I was laughing at myself too. So innocent and good old scout boy looks. Anyway, as you can see, it was taken at Lavender Bistro (a Malaysian brand cafe chain) at its Senai International Airport in the state of Johor (near to Singapore), Malaysia. An overseas friend came by to visit me when I was residing and working in Johor (2008).

I really like the unique bottled flowers decoration at the background...they are simply charming and captivating to look at. As it was lunch time, we had one of Malaysian's favourite food, Nasi Lemak. 

Lavender Bistro cafe does serve great tasting food, especially from its Tebrau City Shopping Mall branch in Johor (the bistro was founded in the state of Johor). It was one of my favourite spots for lunch, tea break and dinner when I was residing in Johor.

A good old boy scout looks...hahaha

Admire the background...not me.

Bottled Flowers....captivating to look at

A variety of tropical flowers and you can see orchids too

Nasi Lemak....yum! However, I don't eat chicken wing. I prefer chicken breast meat and beside the rice is Malaysian's traditional fish chips...we called it "keropok ikan"....the fish chips can be very addictive once you have a taste of it

Belated Post : Year 2011's Birthday Celebration

Well, this is kind of belated post. Here are some photos taken during my year 2011's birthday celebration at Italianies Restaurant at Sunway Pyramid, Bandar Sunway. Seen here, my 2nd sister, Lyana; Younger Sister, Sara; Youngest Sister, Julia and her little girl and little boy, i.e. Angel and Anthony. I just recovered from a sickness then and looks kind of was my treats to my sisters.  Eldest Sister, Jenna could not make it while, Younger Brother, Poh - he always missed any kind of family celebrations, plus he works on weekends.

The serving portion of the foods seem like for one person but actually, they were very big plates / portions. The 6 of us could not even finished the food...LOL.  The foods were great.  The photos were courtesy and designed from Sister Sara.

My post with the birthday cake - courtesy from my sisters
Seen here, Julia, Angel, Anthony and myself

Here, Lyana, Sara, myself and my niece and nephew

The mixed fruits salad ... very refreshing

The fettucini that we ordered....delicious

Hmmm....and I forgot the name for this one. Looks like our Malaysian giant curry puff....hahaha but it's not.

Playful Anthony with his food.

Monday, August 27, 2012

Aluminium Foil Wrapped Herbal Tonic Chicken

Recently, an old friend, an Indonesian Chinese, sent me a photo of his Aluminium Foil Wrapped Herbal Tonic Chicken. Looks appetizing and packed with health benefits. According to him, he learned the recipe from a cooking class conducted by a 5-Star hotel chef in Singapore and mmmmm, the chicken tasted juicy and tender, plus the Chinese herbal infusion that made-up the recipe.

I could list down the ingredients for this herbal tonic chicken but I prefer to present my friend's version of his recipe, since the photo is from him. So, let's wait until his return from his business trip in overseas.

The benefits from herbal tonic chicken: tonify liver, lung, kidneys, improve vision, promote blood circulation, improve stamina and overall vitality. During summer or on hot days, it is recommended to exclude one of its ingredients, the Dang Gui (Chinese Angelica root) - this root / herb is kind of very yang / heaty...It is also recommended that fresh farm spring chicken is used for added efficacy.

The herbal tonic chicken is wrapped in aluminium foil and steamed

Aluminium Foil Wrapped Herbal Tonic Chicken - Ready For Enjoyment

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Life Saviour - Unusual Chronic Cough Remedy

Today, I would like to share an unforgettable chronic cough experience I had a few years back when I was working / residing in Singapore. Out of no reason, I was down with chronic cough for a month plus! It was torturing and put me almost breathless. So serious that I coughed whole day for a month plus, I had trouble getting-up from my bed, standing and extremely exhausted for only a few foot steps...I was so weak and I could hardly eat...

I thought, I had contracted tuberculosis or some kind of chronic bronchitis or lung infections but after medical investigations, I had none of those. I consulted many modern medical doctors from private clinics, private hospitals and government hospital. I was even taken to Singapore's famous cough specialist by my ex-boss but nothing works! In fact, the medications / drugs were "killing" body ached all over and my kidneys were in great pain each time I consumed the prescribed medications. I thought I was dying....

As a last resort, I turned to Chinese herbal specialist, a generations trusted old brand, Eu Yang San herbal retail chain. The herbal specialist inspected my condition, looked at my tongue, asked a few questions and recommended a remedy to me with full confidence that I would be cured within 3 days!!!  I was asking myself "Are you sure?" So I asked him, what actually caused my chronic cough? He told me, it was nothing, it was just a hot / heat cough which is curable! I was like "Huh???!!! I had seen so many doctors and specialist and it was not cured" I then told him, I didn't have fever and the doctors did not detect any fever. He replied, "Yes, modern medical could not detect such "heat" as it is underlying within the body - only by inspecting the tongue, pulse and assessing the cough conditions, could this "heat" be detected visually, not by termometer." He further explained, there are two type of cough, i.e. hot cough and cold cough.  So, a few lessons learned.

So, I asked, what herb was he recommending? He smiled and pushed 6 boxes of yellow box to me. Reading the Chinese wording on the boxes...I was stung for a while. I asked him "Are you sure? Snake bile fluid???" (snake liver acid, in other words) He said, "Yes...the only effective remedy for such condition. Other herbal mix might take too long to cure or unable to fully cure the hot cough."  Having no option, I agreed to his recommendation. I asked him, why the yellow box type and not other colour? He said, since I had cough for about 1 month plus, my hot cough would have stronger dosage was not recommended.

How it tastes like? smelly like snake! The snake bile fluid is processed into powder form, so it is easy to mix with warm water and go down the throat. Religiously, I medicated myself with the unusual remedy and true enough...within 3 days, my cough was completely cured!!!!

I hope this information has been valuable to those who suffer from "strange", prolonged and chronic cough and could not find the cure. It could be just hot cough or cold cough....Isn't that unusual? Some times, you thought modern science would help us but it turns out to be otherwise.....time honoured natural remedies are still needed to fill in the blank which modern medical science could not resolve.

Lastly, the snake bile remedy is not cheap but in overall, it is still cost effective and affordable if to compare with all my visits / medications to private clinics / hospital and specialist, plus, it shortened my suffering. Those who works on hourly / daily wage, you need to recover fast or there would be no income. So, be smart and make the right decision....


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Chinese Version of Pot Au Feu Dish

It was interesting to read a post from +Shinae Choi Robinson of Pot Au Feu at Google+.  Reading on the recipe and how it is cooked, reminded me of the Chinese version of Pot Au Feu which is known as "Suan La Jie Chai" or Sour Hot Vegetable.  It is cooked with leftovers as well, where in addition the following are added as part of its ingredient: tomatoes, dried chillies (cayenne), fresh chillies, onions (some like to add garlic besides the onion), dried tamarind skin, lime juice (optional), leftover roasted duck / chicken or pork, water and Jie Chai or Kai Choy (fresh big leaves green mustard), salt to taste and sugar to taste. All ingredients would be thrown into a pot and slowly simmered until the meat is soft and tender.  The taste and smell?, sour and very appetizing.... There, the Chinese Pot Au Feu.  Warning! Only for those who could stand cayenne heat and enjoy sourness at their taste buds.  Try it if you ever make it to a Chinese restaurant...but it is not a common dish served as this is more of a traditional home-cooked dish.

Suan La Jie Chai / Sour Hot Vegetable (Chinese's Pot Au Feu)

The Type of Fresh Green Mustard Used

Kedondong Juice - Twist of Malaysia Juice for Summer

Well, many of you, especially those who are not familiar with South East Asia, would not know about the great tasting, thirst quenching and nutritious drink of Kedondong fruit juice.  Kedondong or its other names: Spondias Dulcis / Ambrarella / Umbra / Malay Apple is a green sour fruits.  It can be eaten raw with some prawn paste dip or salt, pickled or juicing.

In Malaysia, after washing the Kedondong thoroughly (some like the skin, some like to peel the skin), the fruits are placed in blender and blended with some dried sour plums and drinking water. Once done, the juice is poured into a glass filled with ice cubes and syrup is added to taste.  Mmmmmm....imagine the cold, refreshing, sour, salty and sweet juice on a hot sunny day!

Kedondong contains lots of Vitamin C and Iron and is said to have property to fight against cancer. Grated Kedondong with added pinch of salt could cure cough - to be taken 3 times per day.

Since Kedondong juice has been popularized by Malaysians, many other South East Country are catching fast to include it as one of their local fruit juice - as this fruits are abundant and available in South East continent.

Thirst Quenching Kedondong Juice

Kedondong Tree
If you ever come to Malaysia, don't forget to ask for Kedondong or Umbra Juice. You will love it...and crave for it. 

Misconception About Cancer and High Blood Pressure - Cause and Cure

Here is an interesting video, clarifying about the misconception about cancer and high blood pressure. These diseases can be cured, plus, a good organic salt (Himalaya salt / sea salt) is actually cure / prevention to high blood pressure.  It is the bad processed table salt which is the real culprit. Listen carefully to what Dr. Coldwell has to share.....very informative indeed. Alkaline your body, eat your greens, take your vitamin C, vitamin E and good organic salt. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

Why We Need Good Organic Salt For Health?

I have been using Himalaya Salt for years now. The most obvious positive effect that I see, my blood pressure was never high and my nerves are good, especially, I don't suffer stiffness / pain when I bend / crunch my fingers and it is a great healthy salt with 84 trace minerals for homemade electrolytes drink (isotonic sport drink) when I suffer from serious vomiting and diarrhea - the homemade electrolytes drink from Himalaya salt tastes light, not like sea salt which its saltiness simply kills your taste bud.

Here is an article from Shirley's Wellness Cafe again for your reading. You will discover 22 interesting and surprising facts about good organic salt.  Salt your way to healthy goodness. Shirley's Wellness Cafe - Salt Deficiency  

Good for bath / salt brine though still edible
Good for cooking / kitchen use

Himalaya salt remedy for chronic constipation: Add 2 tablespoon of Himalaya salt into 8 ounces (240 ml) or a glass of water, stir well and drink. The salt water shall draw excess water in body into intestine and flush out all waste and toxin from the body.... 

Stomach Cramps - Chamomile and Aniseed Tea

Yesterday, I wrote in a post reply, about the goodness of Chamomile and Aniseed tea. The fact was, I had been out of the stock since past few months. However, like a wish came true, yesterday in the afternoon, I received 6 boxes x 20 sachets per box of Chamomile and Aniseed herbal infusion tea from my boss who came back from Europe as gifts of health to me. I was in great joy!!! She was the one whom introduced the tea to me.

Last night, the tea came as life saviour, for past few months, I had been unable to sleep due to constant stomach cramps. So, before I went to bed, I brew a mug of Chamomile and Aniseed tea with hot water for 5 minutes. I drank-up, sat on my lazy chair for a while and the tea did its job within minutes...I started to experience emotional stomach cramps, subsided and gone....leaving me so sleepy on the lazy chair which I continue to sit there for 45 minutes before retiring to bed (one should not sleep immediate after a glass of any liquid for in long term, it shall cause water retention in lung which was experienced by my late father).

Unfortunately for Malaysians, this special herbal infusion tea is not available in Malaysia as mentioned by my boss which I did search around the Klang Valley and really, they are not selling it in Malaysia, except the normal Chamomile tea without Aniseed. Sigh.....So, maybe you have to order online from overseas.

The tea really should try it, plus, it taste great!  Sincere thanks to my boss, Ms. Lim, she is a fantastic boss!


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Friendship - A Heartfelt Thanks To A Kind Soul

Lately, I have not been very well...and constantly down with rather serious health conditions. I have lost a lot of weight and not in my normal state of health.  Knowing that I am firm believer in natural health approach, an old friend whom is very concerned about my condition, had recently bought the world renown nutrition immunology natural health products from E-Excel. Her gifts of health to me are: E-Excel Millennium (cactus juice), E-Excel Celebration (cactus juice with added ginseng and cordycep) and Nutrifresh (natural source of protein, vitamins and minerals derived from 20 different fruits and vegetables).  Therefore, to this dear friend, Vivian Teh, thank you for your genuine concerns and friendships. Sincerely, Andreano. 


Goji Berry Revisited - Wonder of Glyconutirents

All the while, since childhood, mom has always boiled herbal soup and herbal desserts with goji berries. I didn't know much of goji berries then until I reached my late 20s when I asked about it from my regular Chinese herbs retailer. Further internet research, reveals more of this wonderful goji berries. Recently, I have started back my goji berries consumption which I had stopped for years for no apparent reason.  Here is a link from Shirley's Wellness Cafe which I think, everybody should take time to read : -

Shirley's Wellness Cafe

Simplest way to enjoy goji berries goodness is, place 2 teaspoons of goji berries in a mug, add hot water, let it brew for 3 - 5 minutes and enjoy a delicious goji tea.  You may add 2 thinly sliced wild American ginseng for extra goodness and vitality.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Frozen Yogurt and Burger - Enjoy Without Guilt

Recently, I discovered this interesting health fact at "Dailymotion" and since a lot of us like to eat burgers and then worry about the fat.  Here is a way to enjoy your burger without guilt. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Woman In Love - Have You Heard This Version?

Most of you must have heard the famous Barbara Streisand's Woman In Love song....but many are not familiar with this totally different sound, music, lyrics of this version of Woman In Love which was originally sung by The Three Degrees in 1978 then later, by Kitka Cisyk. However, I like the version sung by our Malaysia's living legend and "First Lady of Songs" Datuk Sharifah Aini (Datuk is a titleship awarded by royalty). As much as I enjoyed the song and voice of Datuk Sharifah Aini, I hope you would enjoy listening / discovering it too....

In Time of Solace - What Do You Do?

In time of solace, what do you do? I would normally pick-up my one mala (108 beads) of chanting beads (made from amber) and start reciting mantras. I would also use my mallet (the wooden rod) knock on my bronze alms bowl (some called it singing bowl), engraved with Six Paramitas Mantra, i.e. OM MANI PADME HUM ...the sound of echoing bronze is crisp, clear, energizing, space purifying and bring calms to disturbed emotion...of course, it is not only in time of solace that I chant but also other time as part of my Buddhist ritual.  OM AMI DEWA SAY, may all be blessed with peace, happiness and find the path towards enlightenment.   

Sengkang, Singapore - My Past

Today, I am kind of a bit sentimental....was browsing through some old photos and looking at this photo, it was the last place that I resided in Singapore (located in Sengkang - a very spacious 5-room unit) before I left the country for good, i.e. to return to my homeland, Malaysia. I was a resident in Singapore for 6 years, before I was transferred to my then Singaporean employer's Malaysia subsidiary company in the state of Johor, Malaysia for a big mission there...after completed my mission successfully, I left the Group to continue with my plan to pave back my career in Malaysia, thus, joined another big group in Malaysia, in the historical state of Melaka (Malacca) - well, that is another chapter of my life.    

My First Car Accident In My Whole Driving Life

Rear of My Car

The Car that Hit My Car

The Car that Stranded at Fast Lane
Gosh, here are some photos of my first car accident after so many years of driving. I thought, I post it here as record and reminder that we all should always adopt precautionary driving attitude when we are on the road. My car was badly damaged at the rear....I was not at fault and successfully claimed against the other party's insurance that hit my car. The whole accident was caused by a young lady, losing control of her car which she hit the concrete divider and stranded behind a "blind spot", at fast lane!!!  I was at fast lane then...but due to the blind spot, I took precautionary measure to slow down...I'm glad that I did....otherwise there could be more serious damage, serious injury or even lost of life...the young lady was in shocked that she was a sitting duck in her car which was behind a blind spot at fast lane!!! Gosh, I have to repeat that....she should have stayed away from her car at somewhere safe and did something to warn incoming traffic....The accident took place in early morning in November, 2011.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Maryland Blue Female Sook Crabs with Spices

If you are seafood lovers and looking for great saver deal, here is one from Homerun. My mouth waters by thinking about the various styles in cooking crabs! Click this link for the saver deal