Friday, August 31, 2012

Delicious "Sambal Petai" Dish (Stinky Bean)

Recently, I have been not so well with stomach upset and my younger sister, Sara, in her own way to motivate me to get well soon, sent a photo of her home-cooked "Sambal Petai"....Oh gosh, it is one of my all time favourite dishes.  Petai as commonly known by Malaysians or Pakia Speciosa / bitter bean / stink bean / twisted cluster bean to westerners, is a popular bean in South East Asia. It is so versatile that it can be cooked in a variety of ways, even eating raw, pickled or boiled. 

Many people have issues with Petai as well, as they smell stink....but to Petai lovers, it is exotically and appetizingly fragrant.  One of the effective ways to take away / reduce Petai smell is to have brinjal dish to eat along...or place a brinjal in your toilet which the brinjals must be cut into half then cut into cross section in centre. The brinjal shall effectively absorb the Petail stinky smell and help you control the "smell pollution" hahaha.

According to traditional knowledge and scientific research, Petai is beneficial as natural laxative for those with constipation, regulate glucose level of diabetes patients, boost energy level (hence rather heaty), relaxant and improve mood, contains iron and good for anemia, high in potassium and low in salt which is good for high blood pressure and stroke and natural antacid for heartburn.

Don't be turned off by the Petai stinky smell...try it and I have known several foreigner friends that were initially cursing the smell...had fallen in love with Petai very much.

Younger sis, Sara's home-cooked Sambal Petai with Chicken and Chilli

Naturally, how petai look like in its "case" on petai tree

Petai, seeds after taken out from its "case"

Brinjals, effective natural vegetable to counter Petai's stinky smell

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