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How to make your coconut milk:

Grate a whole coconut and add it to 1 ½ cups of hot water. Now allow this to cool at room temperature and then strain the mixture – the liquid so obtained is coconut milk.
Now that you know how easy it is to make coconut milk, it’s to move on and discover the many benefits of organic coconut milk. Read on to know more…

Lowers Cholesterol Levels

Elevated cholesterol levels affect a good majority of us today; thankfully, we have coconut milk at hand. Though coconut milk itself contains saturated fat, it can actually help lower down cholesterol levels, and boost the levels of good cholesterol. What’s more, coconut milk consumption also gives you that much needed omega 6 fatty acid you require.

Strengthens Bones

Coconut milk contains some amount of calcium and a good amount of phosphorous, both of which are important when it comes to maintaining bone health. Infact, drinking coconut milk has been linked to a lower risk of bone fractures, osteoporosis and arthritis. Selenium, an antioxidant found in coconut milk, is further believed to prevent free radical damage and calm down inflammation commonly observed during arthritis.

Helps Maintain Blood Pressure

The potassium content in coconut milk works wonders in maintaining healthy blood pressure levels, making it one of the best natural treatments for those suffering from high blood pressure.

Prevents Anemia

Anemia, simply put as a deficiency of iron in the body, can be simply overcome by consuming coconut milk. It is believed that each cup of coconut milk contains nearly 1/4th of our daily requirement of iron.

Helps Control Weight Gain

For all those looking to control their weight gain or shed a few pounds, coconut milk works wonders. Thanks to the high concentration of dietary fiber, coconut milk can help suppress hunger and prevent your from indulging in foods that are high-fat.

Boosts Immunity

This one’s a no-brainer- coconut milk keeps cold and cough and other seasonal infections away thanks to its rich micronutrient content. What’s more, it also contains vitamin C, which keeps the immune system working better, thus preventing many diseases and health concerns. To add to that, coconut milk contains antimicrobial lipids, lauric acid, and capric acid- all of which are potential anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral agents.

Promotes Prostate Gland Health

Coconut milk is a good source of important minerals and micronutrients that promote prostate gland health. It contains zinc, which is an important ingredient that keeps the prostate gland functioning optimally. Best of all, several studies have pointed out to how coconut milk could slow down the growth of cancer cells.