Friday, August 24, 2012

Stomach Cramps - Chamomile and Aniseed Tea

Yesterday, I wrote in a post reply, about the goodness of Chamomile and Aniseed tea. The fact was, I had been out of the stock since past few months. However, like a wish came true, yesterday in the afternoon, I received 6 boxes x 20 sachets per box of Chamomile and Aniseed herbal infusion tea from my boss who came back from Europe as gifts of health to me. I was in great joy!!! She was the one whom introduced the tea to me.

Last night, the tea came as life saviour, for past few months, I had been unable to sleep due to constant stomach cramps. So, before I went to bed, I brew a mug of Chamomile and Aniseed tea with hot water for 5 minutes. I drank-up, sat on my lazy chair for a while and the tea did its job within minutes...I started to experience emotional stomach cramps, subsided and gone....leaving me so sleepy on the lazy chair which I continue to sit there for 45 minutes before retiring to bed (one should not sleep immediate after a glass of any liquid for in long term, it shall cause water retention in lung which was experienced by my late father).

Unfortunately for Malaysians, this special herbal infusion tea is not available in Malaysia as mentioned by my boss which I did search around the Klang Valley and really, they are not selling it in Malaysia, except the normal Chamomile tea without Aniseed. Sigh.....So, maybe you have to order online from overseas.

The tea really should try it, plus, it taste great!  Sincere thanks to my boss, Ms. Lim, she is a fantastic boss!

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