Saturday, January 12, 2013


Dear All 

Pleased to share my new personal website which was only ready a few minutes ago. LOL.  Hope to include more contents for your reading pleasure while sharing useful information for the benefits of all. 

All are most welcomed to comment and contribute their articles, photos and stories which are in line with the theme of my website: Health, Wealth & Happiness. 

Why such a theme or site title? Well, after going through so many challenges in life, the 3 words that made-up of my website title represent it all.

Without HEALTH, what is wealth when you have to spend your money on health, treatments and unable to live a normal live like you once used to live when you were healthy!

Without WEALTH, a lot cannot be done because in today's world, everything is about money. Without money, without wealth, how could you provide basic needs for yourself, what more for your beloved family.

Without HAPPINESS, life would be meaningless. Why live in sorrow and sadness and I found out that to be happy, we do need most of all, great health and some wealth to live in today's materialistic world.

That is the fact of life....and I will not deny it anymore but embrace that 3 words and try to live towards that direction and live my life to the fullest.

Oh, here is my new website before I forget

Click here....Cheers!


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