Saturday, March 23, 2013


Dear All

I have known the many benefits of Himalaya salt for many years now but this time, I really got to see how it really helped me and saved me from being warded to hospital due to chronic diarrhea and severe dehydration.

A week before my diarrhea became worse, from a blood test done, it was reported my body had suffered from severe lost of several important minerals and required urgent attention.  The doctor advised me to check-in the hospital for treatment but I refused.  Days after that, my diarrhea became worse and on top of that, I also vomit. I could not eat, drink and was very weak....almost losing balance of my whole self.

Luckily, I remember the Himalaya salt that I have at home and its benefits. So I thought, why not I gave it a try. I began to mix a teaspoon of Himalaya salt into my fruit juices, soft drinks (soft drinks may not be healthy but it has high level of glucose and with Himalaya salt added, it becomes perfect electrolytes and the salt takes away the gas in the carbonated drinks) and dipped it with whatever fresh fruits that I ate on daily basis. You could say, in a day, I would have taken about 4 - 5  teaspoon of Himalaya salt.  The strange thing about this salt is, it does not make you thirsty like other regular / table salt. It simply rejuvenating and providing energy.  You could feel how the 84 trace minerals / electrolytes started to circulate around my whole body's system.  The muscle cramps that I used to suffer for almost half a year, suddenly....fading away and you could feel the "penetration" through your nerves / muscles and things simply moves and started to function again.

I began to have appetite to eat and to my surprise, my digestion began to function back slowly too...of course, I started with small portion of food first, soft food before I embarked on solid food.....I know, that Himalaya salt has also attributed to the normalization of my digestive system...

So, day by day, I began to regain my energy and my body began to function properly I write this post, I could drink water as much as I wanted and eat solid food without worries that I would vomit them all out......the gas / bloating of my stomach is also under control stool started to take shape, instead of in watery form.   I could sit-up, walk and stand much better now and my focus has also improved.

I know, Himalaya salt had saved me because during the course of my severe diarrhea / vomit episode, I took no other medication except Himalaya salt to provide the lost electrolytes and minerals which had help my body to function in normal manner.  

This is my personal experience.....hope it helps you too..... you can read more about the benefits of Himalaya salt from this web link NATURAL HOME CURES - HIMALAYA SALT

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